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Special Events

Special Events Motorcycles

The UTPD Special Events Section is responsible for coordinating police presence at athletic events, concerts, and other special events on campus. UT hosts more than 500 events each year, and UTPD provides traffic control, interior patrol, and crowd control personnel for each of these events. To supplement its ranks, UTPD also employs officers from surrounding law enforcement agencies such as the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to assist at events. The Office of Special Events also provides police protection and escorts for visiting football teams and other dignitaries involved in university functions.

If your department is hosting an event, you must register your event with the Office of the Dean of Students and the UTPD. This registration process starts with the filing of a solicitation/event form, which can be completed online and forwarded to the dean of students.

If you need additional information, or have questions concerning an event, contact Lieutenant Mike Richardson at 865-974-6282 or Sergeant Angela O’Neal at 865-974-6262.

Campus Protection Specialists

The non-sworn Campus Protection Specialist (CPS) program was implemented in June 2008. The significant number of annual special events occurring on campus dictated a need to have specially trained staff available to work these events. CPS personnel receive specialized training in areas such as traffic direction, CPR, ethics, and customer service. CPS personnel are identifiable by a light blue shirt with the departmental patch and a rocker panel that reads “Campus Protection Specialist.”

Motorcycle Unit

The Motorcycle Unit was added to the police force in 2011 and is operated through Special Events. The unit is responsible for supplementing bicycle, vehicle, and pedestrian safety efforts on campus. In addition, the Motorcycle Unit conducts parade escorts and other special functions for UTPD.