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Your Role in Safety

Photo of the Torchbearer

By being members of a community, we all have a responsibility to work together and provide a safe and inviting place to live. Taking an active role to minimize potential risks is a proactive measure all community members can take. Help protect your community, by reporting suspicious activity before it becomes a crime.

Don’t Invite Problems.

Responsibilities Outside Your Residence

Do Don’t Why?
Keep your lawn clear of debris

Use proper trash receptacles

Contact the city to report City Code violations

Make sure outdoor lighting is functioning properly

Gather a collection of cans or jars on your lawns

Ignore street or house lights that are burnt out

Prop open doors or windows

If it looks as if you don’t care, why should anyone else?


Do Don’t Why?
Report aggressive behavior

Avoid confrontation

If you feel uncomfortable, tell them to leave you alone

Be wary of giving money or food to the homeless

Allow garbage or recycling to be picked through

Initiate aggression

Let your guard down

Keep furniture, such as couches outside

Allowing these things to go on, over a period of time, can lead to potential problems in your neighborhood.


Do Don’t Why?
If over 21 years of age, drink in moderation

Enjoy social settings

Look out for your friends

If hosting a party check ID’s

Serve alcohol to minors

Open your residence to strangers

Leave friends unattended

Do anything you wouldn’t normally do sober


Aside from the negative social concerns of opening your home to strangers and leaving friends unattended, hosting large parties could lead to you and your guests facing criminal charges.


Do Don’t Why?
Have fun with your friends, listen to music Allow your music or party to get out of control and be heard two blocks away at midnight Violating the Knoxville City noise ordinance could cost you a hefty fine, and no one wants to live next to “that” house and could lead to problems with your neighbors and the rest of the neighborhood.