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Investigations Unit

The Investigations Unit is tasked with following leads developed during the initial reporting of criminal activity to the University of Tennessee Police Department. Our investigators are ready to respond at any time, day or night, to the needs of crime victims or to the scene of criminal activity.

The members of the Investigations Unit follow up on reports of criminal activity on campus that are initially reported to our uniformed patrol officers. The investigators then establish if a crime was indeed committed, and work to identify and apprehend the person responsible for the crime. The Investigative Unit also is responsible for examination of crime scenes along with the evaluation, collection, and maintenance of evidence. They also assists the victim or Office of the District Attorney General in prosecuting the suspect. At UT, investigators may also utilize the services of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards in lieu of proceeding with criminal charges.

The UTPD currently has six investigators assigned to the Investigative Section. Responsibilities of investigators include, but are not limited to, investigation of criminal offenses that occur on campus; interviewing involved parties (i.e.: victims, suspects, and witnesses); procurement and service of warrants; and conducting back ground investigations on new UTPD employees. The Investigation Unit is also responsible for evidence control for UTPD.

The Commander of the Investigations Unit is designated as the internal affairs investigator.  An annual statistical summary of internal affairs investigations will be completed and made available to the public and department personnel upon request to the chief.

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