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Communications Coordinator Anastasia Morrisey

The Communications Section is directly supervised by Communications Coordinator Anastasia Morrisey.

The Communications Section is responsible for providing effective and efficient communications between people in the community requesting assistance from the UTPD and the officers responding. As such, the Communications Section acts as the primary call service center for UTPD. The Communications Section strives to provide various support services for police and administrative operations.

The goals of the Communications Section are to efficiently, effectively, courteously, and promptly receive and record requests for police service; dispatch police units to handle every legitimate request made for police service; provide the department with centralized control of personnel; and facilitate field operations through the rapid dissemination of critical information by radio and telephone.

The Communications Section has radio contact with all police officers and has the ability to communicate directly with other local agencies such as the Knoxville Police Department. The communications officers also are certified to access the National Crime Information Center.

All calls for service should be directed to 865-974-3111.