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Reed joins UTPD, still eyeing his degree from UT


(Tyson Reed pictured with Chief Troy Lane)

It was a typical day of the week for Tyson Reed, sitting in one of his criminal justice classes at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, when a pair of visitors came in and piqued his interest.

“Officers Dillard and Robinson dropped by our class and talked about what they do in the Community Relations Unit (CRU), about working football, and other day-to-day duties around the campus,” said Tyson Reed. “Officer Robinson told us how he was working towards his master’s degree, and that UT was taking care of the cost since he was an employee.”

Reed, who was well into his junior year with a major in sociology with a concentration in criminal justice and criminology, immediately started searching the web for opportunities at the University of Tennessee Police Department.

“I first started looking online, saw about them being a fully accredited law enforcement agency, over 70 officers, and so then I started emailing people in the department asking even more questions,” said Reed. “In a few days, my mind was made up.”

After a conversation with his parents, Reed decided to forgo using the remaining portion of his fathers’ GI Bill for college tuition, and for his family to save it for his younger sister to use.

“My entire family has been in the military, so I have always known I was either going to go the military route, or the law enforcement route, but regardless, I was going to finish my degree at UT,” said Reed. “When I saw this opportunity that I could push my graduation date back a bit and not cost anyone anything, and I would be helping my family, it was a no brainer.”

After that, Reed applied for a police officer position, took the written test and the physical fitness test, and passed.

Reed is currently enrolled in the Blount County Regional Law Enforcement Academy and is looking forward to returning as a certified law enforcement officer.

“I am really looking forward to every aspect of it, I have been a UT fan my entire life, and it worked out that I have gotten to go to college here, and now I will get to work here at the place I love and finish my college degree,” said Reed. “As a student, I love sporting events, from football games to baseball and just about any sporting event I love, and now I will get to be working those events and getting paid to work alongside a team that I truly love.”

“Continuing education is one thing that the majority of our officers in our department strive to accomplish,” said University of Tennessee Police Chief Troy Lane. “Anytime we can get one of our own, who knows what it means to be a Volunteer, have that spirit and drive, and want to help protect and serve the community that means so much to him, that is a win for all of us.”

The main thing that Reed said has impressed him the most about UTPD, was the fact that they are in fact like family.

“This department is really a family, everyone here reminds me of being on a sports team, and even being the new guy, I am still treated just like family,” said Reed. “That isn’t something you find everywhere, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I found it right here with my Vol family.

Inside the University of Tennessee Police Department, there have been numerous employees who have all achieved their degrees, as well as added on a masters. Currently, there are seven members of the department all working toward higher education goals, and constantly encouraging others to achieve their masters or further.

If you are interested in career opportunities at the University of Tennessee Police Department, you can follow the link here: