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A Statement from Chief Lane: 2019 Statistics

The University of Tennessee Police Department is committed to treating all people fairly while supporting an environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values are allowed to develop. We embrace the values of professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence.

UTPD takes specific actions to support that important element of our mission, including de-escalation and annual training with outside consultants to combat cultural bias, antisemitism and other forms of bias; placing liaison officers with several culturally diverse organizations within the university community to facilitate communication and understanding; and policy prohibiting actions based on race, culture, or unique differences.

We condemn any and all actions that are counter to these values.

Please join me for a virtual town hall from 11 a.m. to 12 noon on Tuesday, June 9. I will try to address any questions or feedback you have about UTPD’s enforcement efforts and the UTPD 2019 Quick Stats.

Troy Lane
Associate Vice Chancellor of Public Safety and Chief of Police

1,977 Traffic Stops


  • 939 (47%) resulted in written citations.
  • 1,607 involved white drivers, and 47.3% were cited.
  • 265 involved black drivers, and 47.1% were cited.


8,602 Calls for Service

Calls for Service

  • 99.9% involved no use of force.
  • Of the 8,602 calls, 462 (5%) led to arrests or criminal summons to appear in court.

In some cases UTPD also has discretion to refer cases to UT Student Conduct in lieu of legal actions.


Of the 462 Arrests

Arrestee Demographics

  • 21 (4.5%) involved police use of force: 12 (2.5% of all arrests) involved the display (but not use) of a weapon, and nine (1.8% of all arrests) resulted in another application of force such as pressure points or wrist locks.
  • 349 (76%) of those arrested were unaffiliated with the university.
  • 422 (91.3%) of those arrested were white and 26 (5.6%) were black.


Four Internal Affairs Complaints

  • One sustained External/Internal Affairs complaint resulted in resignation in lieu of termination.
  • One sustained Internal Affairs complaint resulted in demotion.
  • One additional demotion and one additional termination related to policy violations.


Employment Actions

New Officers

  • Currently 77% of UTPD’s commissioned force is white, compared to 83% of the Knox County available workforce.
  • In 2019 there were 244 applicants for UT police officer positions. Of those applicants, 194 (79.5%) were white, 25 (8.5%) were black, and 19 (6.4%) were of other races. UTPD hired 11 officers from that pool: five (45%) were white, four (36%) were black, and two (19%) were of other races.


This information was obtained from the UT Police Department’s CALEA Information Management Reporting System. CALEA is a law enforcement accreditation network, one of three used and maintained by UTPD.