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UT Public Safety’s Newest Grad: Sergeant Travis Johnson

Congratulations to our most recent Public Safety graduates! We are proud of your hard work and accomplishments.

UTPD Sergeant Travis Johnson earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from UT Chattanooga.

What interested you in your degree? I initially started college in pursuit of a degree in accounting but quickly changed my mind after a very brief internship. In 2002, I had a part time job as an aide in a state probation office and became very interested in the criminal justice field.

How does it help you in your work? Just about everything that is taught in the criminal justice degree program can be applied in police work. There is something in the program that covers just about everything from constitutional law, community policing, courts and they even touch on family law.

How has it expanded your worldview? It has definitely expanded my worldview as most of the conversations that I have regarding police work takes place with my co-workers who share a similar view about police work that I do. In a college setting, I was able to actively converse with students who have opinions that are very different than mine and gain their perspective about police work.

How did you manage the work-life-school balance? It really wasn’t all that bad since all of the classes were online. I could pick and choose when to do my homework, which was usually after 9 pm since I have a 5-year-old.

What tips do you have for UT employees interested in pursuing a degree? It’s worth it, don’t wait, just do it now. The university will pay for just about everything, there is little to no cost and you would be hard-pressed to find an offer like this anywhere else.

Now that school is done, what is a fun to-do on your list? More time with my family, particularly vacation.