Planning Tools for UT Knoxville Units

These templates are provided to assist university units fulfill their internal emergency planning responsibilities.

Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP):  This is required by OSHA for each university building.  The BEAP addresses life safety issues specific to the building it is written for.  It focuses on building specific communication, evacuation, and sheltering procedures.   This often must be completed with input from multiple departments utilizing the same building.  Environmental Health and Safety can advise university units to assist in BEAP preparation.  UT Knox Area Bldg EAPs Template   A PowerPoint template has been developed to assist in training building personnel on the Building Emergency Action Plan.  Building EAP Training Template.

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP):  This is sometimes referred to as a Business Continuity Plan.  The COOP is an internal plan focused on the ability for a university unit to maintain its operations to continue its core mission.  This plan focuses on ways to mitigate the impact of emergencies on core operations and quickly recovering core operations following a disruption from an emergency.  The parent unit will determine at which level subordinate units will have to maintain COOPs depending on the complexity of the operations to be addressed (for example: a COOP for the whole college or multiple departmental COOPs.  The Office of Emergency Management can advise university units to assist in COOP preparation.  UTK-COOP-Template-2014 or UTK-College-and-Department-COOP-Template-2014

Both types of plans require annual reviews.

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