About the Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) primary function is to provide campus level planning, training, and emergency management program coordination and implementation.  Coordination includes ensuring proper integration of local, state, and federal prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts.  OEM is represented in the following entities:

  • UT System alternate Emergency Services Coordinator to Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Tennessee State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC)
  • Executive Committee of the Southeastern Conference Police Chief and Emergency Managers Association
  • Steering Committee for the 2013 Oak Ridge Emergency Management Forum
  • Board of the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad
  • Governor’s Veterans Education Task Force
  • Member of the Emergency Manager’s Association of Tennessee and the International Emergency Manger’s Association

The OEM is also responsible for providing support, coordination, and guidance to University of Tennessee units geographically located in the Knoxville area.  This includes establishing the framework that allows for an integrated approach to prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation by UT units.  This is primarily accomplished by providing guidance in the Campus Emergency Management Plan and close coordination with key university response units.  The OEM is represented on the following internal entities:

  • Emergency Management Steering Committee
  • Emergency Management Executive Committee
  • Campus Safety Committee
  • Stadium Security and Operations Planning Team
  • Campus Notification Committee
  • Surveillance Oversight Committee
  • UTK Veteran’s Task Force

The OEM resides in the office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.  For assistance contact:

Brian Gard, Director of Emergency Management, by phone at 974-3061 or by email at bgard1@utk.edu

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